The Magic of Disney Continues

I have been to Disneyland a couple of times with the usual staples not to be missed – shows/musical productions, family friendly rides (such as It’s a Small World), attractions for the more adventurous (such as the Space Mountain), and parades.

This time around however, since we stayed at the nearby Disney Explorers Lodge, a new facility here at the Hong Kong Disneyland compound, we were able to receive fast passes, enabling us easy access to rides and attractions. The hotel rooms are really spacious and good for large families. The room we got had two queen beds and could accommodate 4 persons. Moreover, the hotel lobby is really grand reflecting a jungle-like/tropical theme.

This particular Christmas experience for me was quite memorable because I rarely get to visit Disneyland in the evening, and during this specific time, we were able to watch the evening parade and it was just MAGICAL. I was giddy with excitement and waving at the performers with glee, as if It was my very first time to witness such a spectacle.

Iconic Disney characters were donned in LED Lights and this had a huge impact on the overall effect of the evening parade.

After the festivities, while walking down the town that leads to the castle, we were welcomed with snow along the long stretch of pavement. While these were actually just soap suds (I think), it was simply enchanting, like being transported to another world where anything and everything can happen.

I cannot even begin to explain the joy I felt. Coupled with the 9 PM fireworks display, it was definitely a memorable and mesmerizing evening. Truly, the Magic of Disney Continues and will never ever wear off.

And as Walt Disney said himself, It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.

And he (kind of) just did.

Some Quick Tips:

Tip 1:  Selfie sticks are not allowed in Disneyland so be mindful of this.

Tip 2: Water and food is not permitted in the premises either. It would be best to just bring an empty water bottle and just fill it up with the water coming from the water fountains within the premises.

Tip 3: The food in the hotel is a little pricey. Consider buying your food at “Taste” located at the Citigate Outlet Mall. Using the MTR, get off the Tung Chung Station and go towards Exit C. It’s located one floor down from the ground floor.

Tip 4: You can book your Disney Tickets via klook.com but if you are with small kids and senior citizens, it would be best to just book your tickets direct with Disneyland as they have extra discounts for children and the senior ticket price is only 100 HKD.

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Disney Continues”

  1. Dear Travel Often,

    So, that’s where that cozy nook was taken, I thought it was from Baguio. It wasn’t actually my dream to come here, not even in my bucket list, but I’m considering it already sans the budget…
    Would you care to share the budget breakdown? Thanks!

    Love lots,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Disney Tickets are Php 3 300 ea via Klook (klook.com). The hotel accomodations is around Php 13 000 a night good for 4 persons. Extra discounts are extended to those who will stay for two days or more. They can also upgrade your room during off season. A suggestion is to just stay in one of the disneyland hotel resorts for an overnight stay and then transfer to a hotel or hostel that is more reasonably priced within key shopping districts.


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